Monday, January 18, 2010

Two days two blogs.

Sometimes i feel that my husband is just along for the ride on this surrogacy journey. I feel that if it was up to him he would be satisfied with one child. I don't want to pressure him into this but i think i have. He knows how much it means to me so he will comply because he loves me. Is this good enough? Does this make me a terrible person? Will it compromise our marriage?

My friends don't get it. They think India and surrogacy our crazy. I think they think I'm crazy.

"You know you already have one baby, your lucky" my response is "my family does not feel complete, some people don't want children, some people want one and some people want five. My family is not complete. If Sarah Jessica Parker can do it so can i"

I had a friend for lunch on Saturday. She is the sister of a good friend of ours and i don't know her that well but she invited us to her house after we had met at her brothers wedding. She has a little boy born through IVF. We spoke about surrogacy. After she left she sent me this email.

Thanks for a great lunch yesterday - was really relaxing and great to catch up with you all - Sophia is growing in leaps and bounds! Funny as Lucas has woken up this morning and starting to crawl a little - maybe he learnt off Sophia!The salmon and dessert was amazing too thanks. Good luck with the surrogacy journey you guys may be about to embark on - not easy but will have lots of rewards. Don't worry about people judging you about the cost or about your decision. I was thinking about it and we spent about $25-30K to get Lucas into our life and I have never regretted a cent of it. In fact I have already pretty much forgotten about it - nothing mattered once he arrived! You can't really put a price on a baby's life. At the same time we were lucky we could afford it. Just means we travelled overseas less. Chat soon,

It touched me because even though she does not know me she gets it.

Right, baby is asleep and i need to get ready and start my day.

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