Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm no blogger

Seriously, I'm not. I have never really read blogs or thought of doing one. A year changes everything.

Two years ago tonight my husband had his first Epileptic seizure. Crazy!

One year ago last month i had a Brain Hemorrhage. Bummer!

The love of my life is tucked up in her cot and my husband is in the kitchen cleaning up from dinner.

We embark this year on a journey to complete (or at the very least) add to our family.

The search had taken us to India. My husband feels my desperation to have another baby. I do not respond well to people telling me i cannot do something and when the doctors told me i could not have another baby my inner gangster came out. "who are you to tell me what to do" brain surgeon responds "you have one beautiful baby, your lucky" i respond "yes i am lucky but what has that got to do with me wanting another baby"

India. I went to a tarot reader in September 2007. Jen had broken up with Jonny and needed reassurance that her knight in shining armour was not far away (he wasn't and they married in 2009) The tarot reader amongst other things including the fact that i had rats in my roof (i did) also kept saying that i had some link to India, "did i know what she meant" Ummmmm no! Maybe it was because my cousins had visited "no" she said "its something else" "Ummmmm maybe because i like Indian food" "no its not that" What i should have said is "maybe its because in my future i will have my second baby through an Indian surrogate in India" Now that answer would have saved me heaps of time.

I had a boring pregnancy. Not easy but typical. Morning sickness, carpel tunnel, sore boobs, sore pelvis and the like. At 36 weeks i had a brain hemorrhage. Less boring.

I had my daughter on the 20th of December at 9.29am. On the 21st of December i was diagnosed with a DVT in my left leg.

4 weeks in hospital and we were home. I love being a Mum. I love being her mum and you know what, she really likes me.

India. Here we come.

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